Family Search

I like family history and genealogy a lot. One of the greatest tools out there for genealogy is FamilySearch.

This website contains completely free information. If you go to their Record Search pilot site (amazing!), you can search through a lot of census and and other records to find information on your ancestors.

For example, they have the entire US census from 1900 up on the pilot site. I have already searched through it and found some of my ancestors that lived then. It is so awesome to see their names in cursive on the original census sheet.

If genealogy interests you, check it out.

FamilySearch also has a program called FamilySearch Indexing, which makes the amazing free Record Search project possible. Indexing is where volunteers can enter data from records into tables so that people can search through them in the future.

Through FamilySearch indexing, I helped index the 1900 census. And now I (and lots of other people) will be able to search through them and find my ancestors. Indexing is amazing.

Today, I’m working on a page from the 1920 US census. The page is from Alabama. I get to see their names, the names of the people they are living with. I get to see whether they can read or write, or if they own a house, or if they are black or white. I can think about what sort of life they had. It’s so much fun, and I’m helping people in the future to find their ancestors.

I’ve indexed 1757 names since I started. That isn’t a whole ton, but it’s something. It’s better than wasting my time with solitaire. I get to help preserve history and link families together.


3 thoughts on “Family Search

  1. Wow! That’s awesome.

    Family history is very cool. My grandma and grandpa made a video and a family tree of everyone in my family, including pictures of my great-great-great-great-grandpa and my great-great-great-gram. It was so cool to see the people I’m directly descended from and hear my grandma narrating it explaining about their life. Some of it’s funny like the woman who’s food froze solid on her wedding day because of a fifty-degree drop in three hours, and some of it’s sad, like my great-grand-aunt who died at four years old. All of it is really intriguing.

    Must go check out that link…


  2. Way to go! My parents are family history consultants in our ward, and they’d be so proud of you. 😉 My Mom is super addicted to family history research right now.


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