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Riding on a Motorcycle

I have never ridden on a motorcycle before today. It just never came up.

My brother has a friend who likes to drive motorcycles. This friend was at my house a while ago and he said he would make me ride one someday. I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.

I walk home from school everyday, and I happen to walk by this guy’s house. So today, he was going out on his motorcycle. He pulled next to me and said, “Get on.”

So I did. And off we went.

I didn’t go very far, just to my house. But you know what? It was fun. Even though I wasn’t incredibly willing to go on one, it was thrilling. It’s pretty sweet to have the air flying by you and go without being surrounded by plastic and metal. It’s awesome to lean into turns–you ride smoothly, without bumping along.

I got done and was a little shaky, honestly. But I was happy. I’ve ridden on the back of a motorcycle now.

That’s living, I guess. It’s doing what you don’t really want to do, just to test it out. It’s jumping on the back of a motorcycle on a summer day and forgetting your afraid.


3 thoughts on “Riding on a Motorcycle

  1. i have never ridden on a motorcycle. they freak me out. even to the point of when my brother-in-law came to pick me up from work one time (years and years ago), i elected to wait and find another way home. i can’t remember how i got home that day, but it was not by motorcycle.


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