Family Life

Some texting conversations

Me: William!
William: My shirt is on.

Me: My space bar stopped working
Mom: Does it act stuck?
Me: No, it just won’t type
Mom: Well good you have your typewriter
Me: My typewriter is what isn’t working
Mom: Oh we though it was computer good news its not
Me: Yes, but i would like my typewriter to work too. Do you think dad could fix it?
Mom: Dad says it will probably be able to be fixed
Me: Cool. It was working and then it stopped. When are you coming home?
Mom: I didn’t get your lard message it got deleted.
Me: I asked when are you coming home?
Mom: This afternoon i
Me: Okay
Dad: Heather I love you. should be able to fix the space bar. DAD

Liz: When are you coming?
Me: We’re leaving hear at 4, should be there by 630

Mom: Where is the calculator
Mom: Never mind

Mom: Did you have buy idea when you will need to be picked up
Me: we are in B—-
Me: We’re here whenever you are
Mom (10 seconds later): We are here too.

Liz: You get home ok
Me: Yes

Liz: How’s the 5th day of school?
Me: My brain hurts. ๐Ÿ™‚ How is yours?
Liz: I’m liking it well enough
Me: Are your classes hard?
Liz: Not. At least not yet
Me: You’re lucky your classes aren’t too difficult
Liz: Yeah. How are yours?
Me: Hard but not unreasonable
Liz: Mind aren’t super easy, i think they will get harder as the semester goes on
Me: Yeah. They are upper division?
Liz: Yes, all but one
Me: Mine are 100%
Liz: I have one class i basically show up for
Me: That’s nice. I don’t think I will take so many 5000 level classes next semester. Half my classes have grad students in them
Liz: That’s fun. Mmine are mostly 3 to 4 hundred
Me: Sometimes people speak at a higher level and I can’t understand
Liz: You do that to people too
Me: I try to simplify, not complicate
Me: but it really is mostly terminology and outside knowledge, not high intelligent
Liz: Yeah. You do t.hat (which I read as sarcastic)
Me: Your funny

Me: Yellow! *Punch*
Clarissa: Silver
Me: Yellow and red!
Me: Black
Clarissa: Where are you? Red.
Me: Riding home on the bus.
Me: Black.
Clarissa: Where are you.
Me: In D—-
Me: Blue
Clarissa: Silver.
Me: Yellow
Me: Where are you?
Clarissa: home now but I was at costco
Me: Oh. Will you give me a ride at 330
Me: Red
Clarissa: yes I’m on my way.
Me: Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

(Clarissa and I have an ongoing contest that whenever we see a Volkswagen beetle, we punch each other and say the color. We were doing that by texting.)


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