Fiction Writing

At least one person said they wanted to hear how I write fiction. That’s enough for me.

So. Here is my list.

  1. Get an idea. Most of my ideas come from watching TV, watching a movie, or reading a book.
  2. Start thinking about that idea. Brainstorming of the idea.
  3. A few weeks/months/etc pass.
  4. More prewriting. My idea continually morphs and new ideas are added until the original idea is mostly lost and all of a sudden I have a foundation for something good.
  5. I research. Badly. I don’t particularly like it.
  6. I write! Yeah! The good part. 1,000-ish words per day.
  7. Then I finish it in a few months.
  8. Then I realize how terrible it is.
  9. But that’s okay, because there is rewriting.
  10. Then I rewrite it.
  11. I delete half of it.
  12. I rewrite again.
  13. I add the plot.
  14. Print it out, bind it with hot glue, dental floss.
  15. I give it to someone to read. They read it. Feedback.
  16. Change half the plot. Again. And the characters.
  17. After all this deliberation, outline the scenes and realize that there are still major problems.

Yep. Never get much further than this. I just change things. I never am finished with anything. It’s an enjoyable process. Hard, but enjoyable anyway.


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