Out the back window

So today on my photoblog, I had a nice picture that received some good comments. I like it too.

And I realized that the picture was taken out of my back window. Like so many good pictures have been.

Well, actually the window is a glass sliding door, and usually I open it to take pictures there, and sometimes I step outside. But the things I have seen from my backyard have been simply stunning.

And I got to thinking that that is how I live life. I don’t have to go out and seek adventure. I’m very happy at home. I’m very happy not having to explore so much. I don’t have this urge to keeping having to find something new, because I love where I’m at.

That isn’t to say that I’m stagnant, or that I don’t like to leave. I do. I’ve found even more beautiful things traveling around, things that I could have never seen if I would have stayed at home.

Yet, home is my foundation. It contains enough beauty and enough life that it gives me all the happiness I need.

From my backyard:


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