going forward

So today, I felt exhausted, and tired, and sad for a while. Things were just HARD–too hard, and I didn’t want to keep going. I sat and cried for a while, and then I prayed. Life has its uncertainties, and I have had so much worry lately. I know I needed to stop worrying–and still do–but it did not seem as if it were in my power to do so.

So I prayed, and then I read my scriptures, and then prayed again. Comfort came into my heart, and while life doesn’t seem easy, I have more strength to go on.

I can be brave, and find courage to keep going. I don’t have to fear the future, no matter how uncertain it may seem. I can be grateful for the blessings I have now, and immerse myself in work and service. I can keep going.

I feel sort of bad because there is nothing that should be really hard in my life, nothing that is wrong. But sometimes we just feel down, and that’s okay. It happens, and it’s still real when we feel sad for no reason at all. The best thing is, the Lord understands us, and He will help us get through everything.


3 thoughts on “going forward

  1. Everyone feels down once in a while for not particular reason, it happens (or at least it happens to me and you!) but we just have to remember that it will pass and we’ll be better!
    Hope you feel better,


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