Family Life


Life keeps going on. And it’s great.

It was actually warm enough to go outside now. After weeks of unexpected snowfall, I’m hoping for snow.

So today I went to work for my grandparents, except they were gone and I was locked out of their house. I had forgotten my key, but it was nice outside. I started to weed.

They have a row of raspberries that have some grass that doesn’t need to be there anymore. So I weeded raspberries.

My grandma came out and helped me. For a while, we were mostly just sitting there thinking. And I realized that I was worrying about worrying, and I started laughing at myself. You don’t get rid of worry by worrying about it.

We talked about life, about worry and getting rid of it, about lots of different things. I love my grandma and I’ve gotten to know her a lot better.

That right there, talking to my grandma in the garden, is a perfect moment.


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