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I’m getting married

That’s Dillon Hoyt in that picture there, and he asked me to marry him yesterday. I said yes.

So a new stage of life is coming. I am so excited for the life I will have with him–and even beyond death. We are planning on getting married in the temple, where families can be sealed together for eternity.

The past few months, since I have been dating him, I have been the happiest I ever have in my life. I have smiled more, laughed more, and enjoyed the moments I have. And I look forward to my life I will have–not alone now, but with someone.

Now on to a story. So he proposed on a hike, which is really what I wanted. We were happy coming down, and then the trail branched off towards the end of our hike, and we went different directions expecting to meet up with each other. Except for we didn’t meet up with each other again. My trail sort of fizzled out and died, and I wandered around a little bit lost for a while. Then I finally found the car and waited.

And waited.

For a half hour, maybe longer, I waited for Dillon until finally I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have cell phone service, and I knew he did, so I decided to take his car and drive off with it to try to get so I could call him.

I drove off, and started crying, and then after driving for about five minutes, I decided to turn around and go back. He was waiting for me when I got back. And all was well. He had just gotten quite lost and had taken a while to get back.

So that was my story. Lots of planning to do now, and all sorts of exciting things.

Life is wonderful.


13 thoughts on “I’m getting married

  1. Ha! I knew that was coming. Everytime I saw a new post I wondered if he’d proposed. The way you’d always talk about him was so adorable and made me very suspicious. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations! Being married is wonderful, especially when you know that you’re married to the right person, and by the right authority. May all your wedding planning go smoothly!


  2. Tee hee. I actually had a feeling this would come from the first Dillon post. I’m a romanticist.

    HOORAY HEATHER! He’s totally a winner! Quite handsome as well. πŸ˜‰

    Hee. I’m having fun saying Heather Hoyt.


  3. I am the one in the picture. I have been really happy since I met Heather, but I have to admit I was afraid to give in fully. We have been dating long distance and only have been able to see each other on weekends every couple of weeks. My eyes have been opened and I found a treasure…yes Heather. I knew she would say yes, so I asked her in Spanish…and she told me to do it in English…so I did! I was lost, very lost…actually I started looking for treasures…and I found Heather.


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