Family Life

Wedding Plans

Dillon’s Facebook status:

I am still engaged to Heather and she is planning like the wedding is tomorrow. That is fine, then I get to look important and do very little.

That’s about right. I’ve been planning, planning, planning (with the help of my mom). Because I want to have it done, ready, and out of my mind. I am not a procrastinator.

I feel on top of things now. Maybe a little bit to on top of the wedding plans and not enough on top of the homework. But I only have three more papers to write! Three! And seven more days of class! Six after today!

I have been slightly stressed at times, but overall, I am loving life. I only wish that Dillon could be around.


One thought on “Wedding Plans

  1. I get to show up a feel important. I think Heather is going to get bored before the wedding because everything is planned and most everything is organized or ready to go…two months can be a long time! I know!!!!!


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