Family Life

Peanut Butter and Jelly

I have Dillon sitting next to me now, and Dillon has this talent of completely frying my brain so I can no longer think. See those lasts two posts? How they were somewhat coherent/intelligent? I wrote them while I was away from Dillon. Now that I’m with him, my brain has turned to mush. It happens.

Why is this so? Because, of course, Dillon is actually an alien from outer space, so his chemical composition is somewhat mixed up. The bad thing from that is that my brain, over the course of my life, will turn into peanut butter and jelly. The good thing about that is that I’ll be absolutely and perfectly happy while it does.

This woman has issues, and I am not talking about myself in a bad way.  Actually, she is totally and completely normal around me…well at least I think so…but maybe she is playing a game with my not so inteligent brain.  You see we are on the same wave length when we are together and tend to catch a little static in the reception when we are apart.  We have decided the following, “We are in love and need to get married!” 

In conclusion: Dillon actually is doing better in school than I am right now, so I think he is sucking my brain power. Really.

(Though he did misspell intelligent.)


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