I feel loved

Some nice things people have done for me lately:

1. A few days ago, I wrote on my gmail chat status:

an exciting email better appear in my inbox tomorrow sometimes. no, I’m not expecting anything. I just want something cool.

And guess what? Two people sent me emails that day in response–the wonderful Q and my amazing sister, Liz. And that made me feel absolutely loved.

2. Yesterday, I was at a CES fireside and the talk was really good, but I was not feeling well. Something about dinner did not agree with me, and so I had to run out.

I dry-heaved a few times, but didn’t throw up, but after a drink of water, I felt quite a bit better.

I went back to go in, but the people I was sitting next to (Dillon and my friend Ali), were gone. So I went back to find them wandering about, trying to find me and make sure I was all right.

People do nice things to me all the time, and it makes me feel really, really awesome inside.


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