Family Life

It’s happening

  • Dillon just left to move up north.
  • I’ve applied to something like 24 jobs so far. I’ll apply to more, and eventually get one.
  • I’m moving out of my house in just a few short days to go live with my aunt.
  • Oh, and I’ll take my last test on Thursday and then graduate from college on Friday.
  • And in not too long, I’ll be married.

It’s all coming at me, quite quickly and suddenly. It was as if it would never come, as if I’d never grow up and never become an adult. But I have to grow up. And I want to grow up.

You know what? I really, really want to. Because its pretty sweet. There is a reason that when kids play pretend, they play like they are moms and dads and living in their own house and all of that. It’s exciting, and adventurous, and yeah, it’s hard, but that’s what makes so great.

So I am just excited and happy and thrilled. LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!


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