Men are amazing

That’s how I feel right now. They do so much!  Particularly my own man. He will go to school for years to get a good career to provide for a family.  He will lead a home. He will give comfort and support. He will let me pursue my own dreams and support me in everything that is right. He will be a father, and love his children. He will spend time with his family.

And right now, he is so willing and ready to do all those things. Right now, he gives needed support. He is patient through mood swings. He only wants my happiness. He is gentle and kind. He patiently searches for a new job (more patiently than me!). He gets the rent/utilities/etc. taken care of for his new apartment. He goes grocery shopping with me and lets me buy the cheap measuring cups. He tries his very best to be a good person. He acts responsible and grown-up. He never complains (at least not seriously). He makes me smile and laugh because he is just himself. He wears black crocs with nice brown pants and a button-up shirt. He picks my sister up from work just to be nice. He asks how my job interview went. He texts me early in the morning to say good luck on my final test for school. He is easily excited and pleased, like a little kid, with things like buying fishes and naming them and watching them.

I feel so incredibly happy and blessed and grateful–and mostly, excited for the day when I get to go to the temple and get married, and have a man with me for the rest of my life. Because they do so much!


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