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Thoughts from school

Some things I’ve learned from my three years at the University of Utah:

  • While people in humanities say it is useful, studying English and philosophy really don’t give you very many practical skills.
  • But if you take the right classes, you can learn how to read, write, and think better.
  • If you knew how to read, write, and think beforehand, this might not be as useful as it seems.
  • But the classes are fun anyways.
  • It matters little what you are learning. Instead, it matters the effort you put into it, and what you learn from that effort.
  • You can work really hard to get A’s, or you can work not quite as hard, and still get A’s. But if you work hard, your school work actually feels meaningful.
  • Making friends in classes is one of the best things you can do. You can learn from them talking about the subject, and it also just makes you a better person and gives you something to really remember.
  • Ultimately, you should go through school not to get good grades, but to write papers and learn things that you feel are really significant, that you enjoy.
  • Dating and relationships can really lower your focus on school. If you don’t have a significant other, you can get better grades.
  • The more difficult the class, the more you learn. The more you learn, the happier you are from it. I loved hard classes.
  • Each discipline comes with its own terminology. Lean the terms, learn the discipline.
  • Philosophy is a lot of fun.
  • Reading for enjoyment is something you have to always remember to do, instead of just reading what is required.
  • Having fun sometimes and skipping class on rare occasion is nice, but going to class all the time isn’t bad either. Either way, you’re not missing out on much.
  • Teach yourself, on top of the school. Have your own projects, your own hobbies. They make life more exciting and more well rounded.
  • Exercising helps the mental, emotional, and physical. But knowing that doesn’t make it easier to do.
  • Keep learning spiritually, because it can keep you focused when things are confusing at school.
  • School is a lot easier than trying to look for a job after you graduate. But through hard work and perseverance, a job search can become easier.

One thought on “Thoughts from school

  1. I’ve learned a lot too, and a lot the same. Although, my last semester that work not so hard can result in B’s. And I learned all this strange stuff about plants, but with little experience to back it. But then I learned you can steal from other people’s experiences just fine and look smart anyways.


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