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I’m married!!

Hello. So a week ago today, I went to the Mount Timpanogos Temple and I was sealed for time and all eternity to Dillon Hoyt.

I have to say, my wedding was so much better than expected in every way possible. Nothing really went wrong. All my worries and stresses were groundless. It was one of the most amazing days of my entire life. And I had one of the most amazing weeks as a married person–because I have a husband! He says the nicest things, and always is patient, lovng, and kind.

I have lists for you:

Five Great Things of my Wedding: (in no particular order, and there are probably much  more than these five that are also important)

  1. Being married in the temple, with covenants and priesthood power that enable us to be sealed for forever.
  2. Dillon. He showed up. He said yes.
  3. Having so much family there–all of my siblings were there, and all of Dillon’s siblings except for one who is on a mission, and all of their spouses, and all of their kids. I loved everyone there, both my own family, and my new family.
  4. Everything went so smoothly. I was worried, honestly. Of course I would. But everything worked.
  5.  It was beautiful. I was beautiful (thanks to sisters), Dillon was good-looking, the temple was beautiful, the luncheon was so nice (thanks mom), and everything looked and felt perfect.

Five Great Things About Being Married:

  1. Not having to say goodbye at night.
  2. Feeling safe.
  3. Having someone to say prayers, read scriptures, and have family home evening with.
  4. Being a new family, with just the two of you.
  5. Cooking for someone else.

I feel happy inside.


7 thoughts on “I’m married!!

  1. Hey Heather Welcome to the family. You did look beautiful and my little bro looked okay too I guess! I thought all the pictures look really nice and I’ll keep on Tyson until he gets them sent to you. He worked on them for hours and then something happened and he lost all his edits. Luckily though the pictures didn’t get erased! Enjoy married life. Sometimes it’s crazy but still a good place to be in life!


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