Family Life

To my mom

Mom, you’ve been my best blog follower and my biggest supporter and I know that you are looking for new posts. Unfortunately, my only internet present lately has been at my work, and while you could read furniture descriptions, they aren’t that exciting.

So I know I need to blog on occasion, since I haven’t blogged much anymore. And I want to. Life has been busy, with a full time job, and learning how to be a wife, how to cook and clean my house and do all that stuff. But I’m pretty sure I’m getting internet soon. Which means that my 226 unread messages on google reader and my photoblog that I forgot to update and runs out of pictures tomorrow won’t be neglected. This blog won’t be neglected either, hopefully. I won’t be as ardent as I was before, but I’ll try to do a little bit on occasion.

So, mom, as soon as we get around to getting internet, you’ll see me more. But until then, I apologize for my absence.

P.S. Dillon and I went backpacking. 12 miles total distance. Saw no deer or elk. Dillon did find allergies. We survived. And enjoyed ourselves on occasion.


3 thoughts on “To my mom

  1. Thank you dear daughter for thinking of me. I suppose there are thousands of other blogs out there I could read, but I must admit I like yours.


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