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Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom and Me
My Mom and Me

That’s my Mom and I, taken on our trip to Ouray Colorado, last August. Almost a year ago now.

That was the trip I decided to major in philosophy. Lots of changed since then–I’ve graduated from college, gotten married, moved out of my house.

But I still have my Mom. I’m not with her as much anymore, but the phone calls to her save me on a regular basis. Like when I need a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Or when I need to order internet. Or when I’m just feeling down. She just helps me so much.

It’s her birthday. She is turning 45. I know she doesn’t mind me telling you this–she is not about hiding her age. Besides, she looks like she’s 35 still anyway.

I think it’s an exciting time in her life–with her husband as bishop, her oldest daughter getting married in August, and her first grandchild due in October, there have to be challenges, but also great joy.

I can’t express how much my mom means to me–she has given me the best advice over the years, and I use her teachings every day as I strive to be the sort of wife that she is to my dad. She taught me how to cook, how to clean, how to be patient, how to live the gospel, how to read, how to decorate a house, how to laugh, how to accept yourself, how to be happy, and so much more.

So, on this day of her birthday, I just want to say thank you. Mom, you’ve not only been the greatest mom ever, but you’ve been my friend, and I know I can always go to you, and you will be there for me.

(P.S. Thank you for enduring my horrible renditions of “Happy Birthday.”)

And a note to everyone: I have internet now!!! Expect to hear from me a bit more . . . If you’re still reading . . . If you’re not, start reading again!


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