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Sometimes I forget how blessed I am. I want to sit and think I deserve more in life, but really, I have been given everything I want or need already.

I don’t make very much right now for a college graduate, but I was sitting thinking about this yesterday, and I asked myself, “If you made more money, would your job be better? Would it be more meaningful?” It wouldn’t. At all, really. I have the money I need right now to get what I want–and I actually really enjoy budgeting and spending money wisely, so that isn’t a problem.

In fact, there aren’t any real problems in my life. I just am blessed right now to have a job. I’m blessed right now to have someplace to live. I’m blessed because I can come home and eat ice cream from my freezer. I’m blessed most especially with people who love me–a lot.

How many times do we think we deserve something more and we completely forget what we have?


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