Family Life

ten things that made my day go better

  1. Listening to General Conference while working. It was wonderful
  2. Playing with macros on Excel at work. Also a lot of fun.
  3. Having my husband and brother-in-law shoot husband’s bow in alleyway. I like alleyways.
  4. Having clean clothes to wear tomorrow, since the laundry will be done.
  5. Knowing that whatever I don’t get done today, the husband will help me with tomorrow.
  6. Music. Always. I love it.
  7. Waffle irons. They make making grilled cheese lots easier.
  8. Microwave bread–a white piece of bread with butter on it, melted in the microwave. Probably one of my favorite foods.
  9. Having my husband be absorbed by Harry Potter, book seven. And he said he didn’t like to read . . .
  10. Reading Janette Rallison’s book, Just One Wish. It was so much fun, and yet I really connected with the characters. A perfect book, really.

2 thoughts on “ten things that made my day go better

  1. I have introduced him to good books, and he’s read more than I have. His favorite are the Attolia books by Megan Whalen Turner, but he also enjoyed Percy Jackson, Illusions, Book of a Thousand Days, Austenland, Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, and others. I feed him books and he reads them. But he picked up Austenland on his own.


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