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From Dillon to Heather!

So I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone who reads this blog know how much I love my wonderful wife Heather!  We met just under a year ago at church and after a few months we started dating, only to fall in love and get married in June.  Now we are living in Logan and so much has happened and is happening.  I would like to bullet some great things that my wife does for me:

1- She gets me to the temple once a week.

2- She lets me study Wildlife Science at USU (other people discourage me from doing so and think it is a useless degree)

3- She lets me go on nature rides up Logan canyon to look for deer and elk, and to shoot my bow…

4-  She got a bow and arrow set up that is awesome and now joins in the archery part of bullet number 3.

5- She lets me sleep past six or whenever she gets up in the morning

6- She let me go to southern Utah and hunt deer with my bow (and I got a 4×4 buck with my dad)

7- She cooks for me ( and is getting quite good at it, not that she was ever a bad cook)

8- She gives me good books to read.

9.  She makes me do my genetics homework.

10- She loves me unconditionally

I could go on but I will spare you all the details of our married life which is great by the way.

So from the guy who loves his wife more than anyone in the world,

Thanks for reading this,




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