Yesterday at the Relief Society broadcast, President Eyring talking about the legacy of those who have gone before us. It’s something I’ve been thinking of lately–the fact that I have so many ancestors, parents, and grandparents, who have lived such spectacular lives. I feel it is my responsibility not only to live like them, but to become at least slightly better than them through learning from their lives.

So I thought about the women in my life who have gone before me, and the good things they have taught me.

My mom, I realized, has taught me most about selflessness. She raised seven children and never really wanted anything for herself–she wanted everything for her kids. She serves in the church and doesn’t desires to look good in front of people. Instead, she wants to serve and to help and to follow true principles. I’ve seen my mom go to the temple so many times. I’ve seen her serve and support my dad. I’ve seen her have so much to do, and very little of it is ever for herself. It is her family and the people she loves. She volunteers to use her time and talents to help out in anyway she can, and she does it without a second thought, without being self-righteous.

My dad’s mom, my Grandma, with her sweetness and simplicity, has taught me how to see the world in a better light. She has taught me how to love when it is hard. She taught me how to have a better marriage. She taught me how to treasure those things in life that are precious–especially family and the gospel. She has taught me how to have faith, without doubt. She has taught me how to give up myself and my dreams to do something higher.

My mom’s mom, who is also my Grandma, has taught me how to endure well. Her life has never been easy, and yet she went on two different missions when she was old. She doesn’t have much, but I really haven’t heard her complain. Through all the trials of life, she keeps going.

And there are so many more people who have gone before and taught me so much–and continue to teach me. My dad and my grandpas have taught me just as much. I feel encouraged to go on and to do it better.

So many of my trials, or the things that I struggle with, have been dealt with by the people who have gone before. Most of my feelings have been felt by others that are close to me, and when I turn to them, they offer guidance and support. It lifts me up, and feels me with light.


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