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Loosing arrows and snow again

I get cranky when I loose arrows. The reason I loose arrows is because I miss the target, of course. Someday I will be able to hit the target on a regular basis. And maybe hit the target in the place I want to.

Today we went out to the outdoors, since Dillon had a day off of work. And, of course, we shot our bows. Out of the eight-ten shots, I missed four, which is pretty terrible. I blame the wind.

The good news is, I did eventually find all my arrows.

We also drove up to a trail, and hiked it. But there was snow. And it was really cold. How did it end up being winter already?


shooting a bow

happy us 2


You know what the best thing about today was? I’ve known Dillon Hoyt for a year now. A year ago, it was Sunday, and Dillon bore his testimony in my single’s ward. It was his first time at church, and he wore a brown suit. He said he liked school in his testimony. He was a very recently returned missionary too. And I thought, “Hey, this guy’s pretty cool.” So I was daring and talked to him after sacrament meeting, something I didn’t usually do. Talk to guys, that is. But I talked to him. We talked about his mission–I remember talking about him being in the Andes and learning a little Quechua, and then his last area in Chincha where there had been an earthquake and did a lot of service. I distinctly remember our first conversation.

I thought that he was about the best guy in the ward at that point. I didn’t really care about the rest of them.

And do you know what he thought? That I was tall and had really short hair. Which I did.

He was also glad I talked to him, so he didn’t feel alone that day in his new ward.

It’s been a very eventful year together. I held hands for the first time. Kissed for the first time. Had a boyfriend for the first time. Got engaged for the first time. And got married too. I moved out of my parent’s house for the first time, graduated from college, and started working instead of going to school. Lots of changes–but lots of good things.

And Dillon, I love you. You’ve totally made this year worth it.


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