New Job = Fantastic

What sort of word is fantastic? It sounds like a sort of word that because sarcastic really easily, because of all those hard consonants and basic structure you can play around with so much. Just try changing the stress up. FANtastic. FanTAStic. FantasTIC. Okay, so the last one sounds like your are trying to speak with a very bad French accent.

Anyway. I really mean it though. I started work on Monday as a legal secretary, and so far, I feel sometimes like I’m a little kid and I get to play with toys all day. Though copy machines and computers and paper are my toys, but they are good toys.

I can play copy machine. And I can play with stamps and a stapler. Even an electronic stapler. And envelopes. And labels. And paper clips and binder clips. And large elastics. And I even got to touch a typewriter today.

So I like office supplies. But I like working in law too–I feel like I’m doing some good in the world. I feel like I’m working with some amazing people who I can look up to in a lot of ways.

And today is just a happy day too. For no reason except for I wanted it to be.


3 thoughts on “New Job = Fantastic

  1. Glad you like it. Whenever I think of the word fantastic, I hear Joe saying it. Ask him how he is sometime usually his answer is a very sincere fantastic and I like that.


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