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Count-Down and Count-up

Prior to June 19, 2009 we were engaged for 70 days, then we got married in the Mount Timpanogos temple.  Today we have been married for 19 weeks,  133 days, 3182 hours, 190,920 minutes, and 1,1455,200 seconds more or less.

So today I was thinking about how long people live, how long they go to school, how long they work, how long they sleep, how long they eat, how long they are married, how long they dedicate to God, how long they serve, how long they are happy, how long they are on the computer, how long they hunt (in my case), and the list goes on and on.

I believe 100% that time is the one thing in life that we all have, and the one thing that every human manages differently.  I wish I were able to more efficiently manage my time, so that I would be more productive in life.  I imagine that we are all this way.  Procrastination is like an illness, that once you get you have to do your best to control.  I am the worlds best procrastinator at times, and I do not expect a medal for it.  If our time on earth is so precious then why do we waste it doing the insignificant, and setting aside the truly important factors in life?  I believe we waste time because we feel that we have so much of it, or do we?   I have only been married for 133 days, and plan on being married for a very very very long time.

I just felt like sending myself on a guilt trip for a minute about my time management skills, and maybe I sparked a similar interest in others that will read this post.

Heather is awesome, and I love her.  She loves me, and we are going to now eat dinner and go get ice cream… even though it is like -34 degrees outside here in Logan.



One thought on “Count-Down and Count-up

  1. I thought like that, and still kinda do, for a long time. Then I read a book that talked about how sometimes not doing a lot is necessary to prepare us/help us grow. And I think there are times in our lives when we aren’t productive and that’s okay.


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