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Typewriters, School, Reading, Quiltling, and Archery

There are just times in life when you forget that you have a blog. And last week was one of those times. I used to blog and do things on the internet almost compulsively; now they sit neglected for a while until I remember that I have them.

So today is a bunch of random ramblings. First of all, I have a typewriter. A real, working typewriter. I had a typewriter once, but the space stopped working, making it pretty useless. But on a whim, I went on to ebay, found an electronic typewriter for $30, and ordered it. It came slightly broken from shipping, but I had to wiggle a piece of plastic to get it working again. And then, finally, typewriter. Not too big. Not too small. Has an auto correct feature. I’m happy.

Second of all, Dillon is still plugging away at school. And doing really quite well. I was shocked to discover that the end of the semester is coming up–it’s so weird having the semester pass without being in school. It goes a lot quicker when you aren’t doing the homework, I have to tell you. And its less stressful. But I’m still supporting Dillon. We were working on some homework a while ago for a genetics class, and there was a complicated problem that we couldn’t figure out. I haven’t taken a science class since my first year of college and I haven’t taken math since my senior year of high school. But I guess my brain still works, because I was the one to come up with the solution. It made me happy.

Some other things in my life right now:

  • I’m attempting to hand quilt a quilt my sisters gave to me. It is going slowly. But I do like needlework, so hopefully I’ll get it done in the next decade.
  • I reread The Goose Girl. I haven’t read it in a very, very long time. But I got to remember how good it was. Shannon Hale’s writing has really changed and evolved–not better or worse, maybe, just different. So I liked returning to the reason I started becoming a fan in the first place.
  • Went home over the weekend because my mom’s blog makes me homesick. I saw my older brother play basketball and shot my bow. I got a new peep sight on my bow (don’t worry about what that is), and it made it so I actually grouped arrows together. For the first time. Five arrows went to the same general area of the target. It was awesome.

And I’ve decided that this post is long enough, so I’ll stop.


4 thoughts on “Typewriters, School, Reading, Quiltling, and Archery

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the typewriter. For those of us who used to have to write complete term papers, essays, letters and everything else on them all the time all I can say is good-by and good riddance. With all the frustrations that a computer may cause it pales in comparison to having to completely start a paper over because of too many typos.


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