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I’m not lonely

The other day, I was feeling sort of lonely. I did move up to a new area recently, and I sometimes tend to think I don’t make friends very easy.

Then, as I was on my bike, coming back from visiting with some people I knew, I realized that I wasn’t lonely. I didn’t need a magical friend to appear or anything like that. Instead, I simply needed to value the people that I had around me.

I thought about my ward, my work place, and the other people I’ve gotten to know while I’ve been up here. I’ve been living here for about six months, and I’ve met and gotten acquainted with dozens and dozens of people. And many of them are my friends. I’m really not lonely.

I guess my problem was I wanted friendship to be easy. I wanted to have someone be friends with me without taking the time to be friends with them.

But it doesn’t work that way. If you don’t want to be alone, you have to seek out people to be with.


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