Family Life


Darla died yesterday. It wasn’t much of a surprise, since he had been flailing around and trying to jump out of his tank for a while now. He had wrecked his back fin completely.

So yesterday, he was nose down in the fish tank. Unmoving. Dillon removed him with a spoon. Still not moving.

We flushed him.

Bubbles is all alone.

And you know what is sad? We don’t really care.

In other news, the snow is ruining our plans of hiking. And there isn’t enough snow to snowshoe yet.  That is something we care about.

And for the last bit of news, Dillon has done all the laundry and all the cleaning today. I have read, created a new Pandora station, picked up for two minutes, and sat.  But I will clean the bathroom.

(Edit: I don’t even know my dead fish’s name. It’s Darla, not Dora as I originally put.)


One thought on “Darla

  1. Not surprised you didn’t get too upset over this. You were the person that flushed our beta when it was on its way out and we were leaving for vacation and didn’t want it die and stink up the place while we were gone.


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