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What good husbands do

(A letter I sent to my brother-in-law who is on a mission; bcc’d to my husband.)

Dear Elder:

This is what good husbands do:

  • Apologize.
  • Do the laundry without asking.
  • Do the dishes, also without asking.
  • Clean up their stuff.
  • Make their bed.
  • When already asleep, roll off the bed into a kneeling position to say nightly prayers without a single complaint.
  • Be patient when the wife gets very stressed out/emotional.
  • Fulfill his church callings.
  • Smile.
  • Never complain when his wife spends an entire day ignoring him and reading a book.
  • Read books his wife gives him.
  • Pretend he is interest in family history, a much beloved hobby of his wife, when he in fact does not like it.
  • Share mission stories and letters.
  • Read his personal scriptures and share what he has learned.

Dillon has done all of that in the past few days. He is pretty amazing, and I love him a lot.

Whenever you get frustrated with anyone at all, just try to think of the good things they do for you. Notice them and be appreciative. And then try to do good things back. Really good things–not the things you want to do, but they things they want you to do.

And that, right there, is a big key in relationships of any type.


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