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To Whom it may concern…

This is not the usual letter from my beautiful/wonderful wife Heather, and since you have read that part of the sentence you now know that this is Dillon.  I write to all of you that may be interested in the affairs of Heather and myself here in Logan.  Last week was finals week, which equals stress.  Actually I believe that finals week is boring, and I worked harder during normal weeks of college.  Let me back up, we are only and I repeat only in Logan so I can get a degree in Wildlife Science.  So this was my first semester here, and I did great… my best grades ever.  Let me back up two steps.  When I was in high school I took multiple satellite broadcasted  college classes, and even did two summer semesters at Dixie State College while still in high school.  Then I went to Dixie and got an associates degree in May of 2006.  My GPA was 2.95…not the greatest, but it could have been worse.  Then I went on a mission to Peru, and in January of this year I went back to Dixie while in long distance relationship with Heather.  I got a 3.45 GPA during that returning semester, my all time high.  Now step way forward to now…yes today!

I just finished my first semester at Utah State University.  I took 15 credits this past semester.  So far I have received the following grades:

SOIL 3000 – A

WILD 2000 (stands for wildlife not wild) – A

ENVS 3000 (environmental science) – still waiting but it should be an A-

ENVS 4000 – A

and WILD 4880 (genetics) – B+

I don’t know what that all makes as a semester GPA, but I am so happy with what I got, and I love studying huntology!

I love my wife who supports me and I want you all to know that I love and support her equally!

Con Amor ,

Dillon Hoyt

p.s. I always hated titling letters with the phrase, “to whom it may concern.”  I never really know who feels concerned, maybe you do and maybe you don’t.  But if you have read this far then I am guessing that you do!


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