Family Life

Christmas Recap

Best Christmas moments:

  • Dillon hugging Inca Cola to his chest for five minutes as if some evil person was going to steal it from him.
  • Getting socks. Striped socks. Because all socks should be striped.
  • Watching the Nativity on Christmas Eve and feeling really Christmas-y for the first time this year.
  • Shooting a recurve bow into a trash can full of leftover wrapping stuff.
  • Eating Mom’s food again.
  • Watching my brother play the banjo that he got. All day.
  • Playing Jungle Speed.
  • Playing a random game on the wii that features throwing cows and crazy rabbits.
  • Being with all my family.

I loved everything I got, and felt utterly spoiled. But not just with stuff and things–more spoiled with happiness, family, laughter, and fun times.


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