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Some randomness

I had a really good post planned for today, but I completely forgot what it was about.

I worked quite hard at work–I had so much to do, and was frantically running around, typing as quick as I could so that I could get it all done. I LOVE those sorts of days. Many people would get stressed up and frazzled, but they are energizing to me. They make me feel useful and good at what I do–because I am fast.

So I like the idea of Google docs and other similar web word processors. But the people who designed it have absolutely no sense of typography. They haven’t heard of a em dash, much less an en dash. And their quotes are straight up and down, instead of the beautiful curved things they should be. And what about paragraphs that are indented? It can’t handle those either. I have little hope for solutions, since most web people simply don’t care about typography.

I am almost almost finished with the draft of a novel. My superhero novel.  A novel I had once given up on. But I think it is finally working. I just need to do a spell check and read over it once and then I’m ready to give it to people. Starting with my husband, who really hasn’t read much of what I’ve written. He always says, “Publish books,” but he has absolutely no clue if I’m good at writing books or not. Now he will know. And I just realized that my goal was to get it finished in March, and it is almost almost finished, which is good enough for me.

On Monday I baked strawberry bruschetta, which I have been mispronouncing. Oh well. I’m American. It was very delicious. I love baked goods. Really. Basically, it consisted of making sponge cake, drying it out by cooking it a little longer in the oven, spreading over cream cheese frosting, dipping a strawberry in melted jam, and putting it all together. I wish it wasn’t gone, because now I want some more.


5 thoughts on “Some randomness

  1. I know what you mean about working under pressure.

    He’s going to be your Dean! Smallsquee.

    I pronounced bruschetta wrong until this year. Sweet bruschetta sounds amazing.


  2. I’m reading bruschetta knowing I’m imagining the pronunciation wrong, but don’t know what to do. I don’t know what an em dash is either–but it doesn’t work in blogs either.


  3. Actually “bruise-skate-ta,” basically is how you pronounce it. And WordPress is smart–it actually converts a double hyphen into at least an en dash. So it does work!

    That’s one of the reasons I love WordPress.


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