My review of Super Strong

Over the past few weeks I have often come home to a wife lost in a magical land that she has created for herself.  In this land she is creating characters and dreaming up their lives for them.  In all honesty she gets a little involved sometimes. She recently handed me a 200 page bound  version of her latest achievement.  I will now give my personal view of the book and hope that each of you have to opportunity to read it someday so you can write your own review.

The main character is a humble being who fears only himself.  He is simple yet complex.  The other characters are all very unique in their individual ways, each with their own characteristic that tie the book together.  The plot is very excellent.  It is a hard book to put down after you pick it up.  I have only ever read two other book similar to this one, and they are a series.  If you like True Talents and Hidden Talents you will love this book.

I am a very harsh judge when it comes to books that I read.  I am giving this book a 4.1/5 rating. It had a few plot holes, which will be cleared up in the near future.  I honestly believe it has a realistic chance of being published.

(By an honest and loving husband.)


3 thoughts on “My review of Super Strong

  1. Hey Heather, I want to read the book! Then when you’re famous you can write my name in the “acknowledgements” section! Something like this, “and to my awesome sister-in-law, Amber, who gave me the courage to continue even when I thought I’d never make it…etc.etc.etc..”


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