Family Life


I don’t let the invisible stress of life crowd in and suffocate me. I am stronger than that. I can look in the mirror and I can smile because it is going to be a good day because I chose it to be a good day.

I do push-ups and my goal is 50 eventually, but for now I am slow and weak. I pull back my bow later on and my arms shake before my eye finds the target and the arrow misses the center mark.

The orange juice was left in the car a few weeks ago and we discovered it hidden, leaking in the trunk, and we cut out the juice covered carpet covering the spare tire and throw it away, promising to ourselves that we will put a piece of plywood there someday and hoping our car will pass inspection.

For family home evening, we go to the library where he mopes and all the best books have been checked out, but there is still Aquinas and Wordsworth and the Newbery section, so I am happy. He tells me to check out four books and I check out six and he pays my fine.

For family home evening, we do the dishes and he reads from scriptures about Joseph Smith and we ponder truth.


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