Family Life


I turn the key.

Quiet. So quiet.

I don’t have to yell to be heard.

I can breathe, gently shift without shaking the world.

Shiny new pipes, quiet new sound.

I like my new muffler.

From Dillon:

First we had to replace our windshield, our winters are rough on glass.  Our Honda Civic has been disturbing the peace with the loud noise that it creates due to the disconnected exhaust pipe.  It was time to register it again, and the inspector lady rejected us for having an  “exhaust leak.”  I pretended to be shocked at the news.  The muffler shop did a lot of work for a small price and now we were able to pass the inspection.  We went for a drive, it was quiet, and peaceful, and now our car does not attract so much attention.

Side note: I got elected as president of the Wildlife Society chapter at my school, nobody else ran.  I love victory by default.


One thought on “Silence

  1. Victory by default is still victory. It’s kind of like how when I want to impress someone I tell them I was my class Valedictorian. Then I hope and pray they won’t ask how many kids were in the class, because being smartest of 29 isn’t that big of an accomplishment!


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