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My husband arrived early to pick me up from work, and he texted me that he had a bad day. So I finish up all my work and go out there, and he is in his pajamas, which is strange. I remember leaving him in his jeans.

“Why are you in your pajamas?”

“Because I fell up to here,” he said, pointing to his neck. “In water.”

And then he proceeded to tell me that my camera was with him when he fell.

My camera. My expensive digital camera. The camera I photoblog with. The camera I love. He had two lenses on him too that went into the water.

Goodbye, little camera.

After breathing quickly and not knowing what to think, I told Dillon to just drive. So we drove. My mind processed the fact that I didn’t have a camera.

And I was okay with it. It’s just a camera, after all.

So I spent the next hour trying to cheer Dillon up. But life is still good. Camera-less, but good.



5 thoughts on “Broken

  1. I’m not too surprised that Dillon fell into the water (he, he, he….just had to tease you little brother!) but I am sad about your camera. I’m also glad you didn’t kill Dillon for it. It tells me that you two are still madly in love, a very good sign!


  2. big, big bummer!! i am so sad for you. you’re right, it is just a camera- but it is also something you love and it is a creative outlet- and that makes it a big loss. i hope your pennies add up fast so you can purchase another. (camera, not husband)


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