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Since me and my husband are in charge of activities in our ward, we recently had to coordinate a camp out. It all worked out, eventually, and after some stressing out, by the time yesterday rolled around, I was actually excited to go.

I like camping. Except for we don’t have a tent. All we have are hammocks. So I brought those along. It was raining, though a nice, pleasant sprinkling of rain that cleared off on occasion. There were more people there than I expected, talking around a campfire, playing games, eating, making s*mores. Wonderful.

People were concerned when we didn’t have a tent. It was raining after all, though not bad. But I tried to allay (big word of the day) their fears and tell them we would be fine, that I actually wanted to sleep in my hammock, that we would stay warm, etc. I don’t think everyone believed me.

I set up two hammocks on top of each other because I could only find one spot for them. I figured out how to climb into the top one (you climb up from the lower one). And, when it came time for bed, the hammocks were a little wet.

But the rain cleared off, and I had a blanket underneath me, a sleeping bag, and a blanket on top of me, and combined with the jacket I was wearing, I was never a bit cold at night. Or wet. In fact, the whole night, I was mostly asleep. It was wonderful.

And I woke up, there was my husband underneath me, smiling up at me, and I smelled like smoke, and the birds were chirping, and I was dry and warm and happy.

I need to do this again.


3 thoughts on “Camping

  1. It’s nice to have a rainfly. Joe’s is waterproof, so he can just wrap it around him. I’m glad everything went well.


  2. Glad that Dillon was able to go and that you had a good time. Sorry I missed out but in the end it was for the best – I didn’t feel very well yesterday.


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