Family Life


My dad is one of my favorite people. He is really tall (6’8″) and still skinny, which is the first thing people notice about them. Then they might notice his large ears and nose and reading glasses, all of which make for easy caricatures of him.


That right there is exactly how he looks.

Today, I called my dad and I told him that I had over 100 hits every month on one of my websites. About a minute later in the conversation, he said, “You better be careful with that. Your website must be pretty violent, with all those hits.”

Dad humor at its finest.

But even though he can be silly, my dad gives the best advice. I was worrying a little about something in my life, and he told me to trust in the Lord, and let His will happen, and everything will be all right. That advice wasn’t anything new, but when my dad said it, I knew he not only meant it with all his heart, but he lived it to. It encouraged me that I could do it too.

I think I have the best dad in the world. And I know about seven other people (my siblings and my mom) who I think would agree with me.

Happy Father’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Dad

  1. I love the caricature of him! it does look just like him. Dad is great. Mom also thinks her dad is great, so maybe . . . But I loved this.


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