Alphabet Links

Feel free to do this.

Go to your web browser, type in a single letter in the address bar, and see what comes up.

A is for amazon.com

B is for a bow hunter website

C is for Chase

D is for Dillon Hoyt

E is for Espn

F is for Facebook

G is for Google

H is for Hotmail

I is for the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

L is for LDS.org

M is for Monster Muleys

N is for the New Family Search

P is for Pandora

R is for Rotten Tomatoes

S is for Squeetus

T is for Typewriter Heather

U is for Utah State

V is for the W3 Validator

W is for Walker Boot

Y is for Yoga Today

(There are missing letters because nothing much came up for that letter.)


One thought on “Alphabet Links

  1. B was interesting – nothing big and different on each computer. I’m amazed at your e – espn really beat out edgeofshade? that’s my E. Anyway, sort of an interesting test of how time on the internet is spent.


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