Yesterday, I was looking at my blogs and my websites and just feeling dissatisfied with my work and my life. I wanted to be someone different, maybe. Something felt missing.

Then I watched a video about a woman who was so unique and loved being herself. I realized that the thing that was missing was a good attitude about my life. Whenever I’m not happy, usually I can fix it by choosing to be happy.

I realized: I am amazing! Or, at least, my life is amazing! I get to do awesome things, like go to work five days a week, play the organ in church, make new friends, learn how to be a better wife, shoot my bow, update my website(s), take photographs, and write. I love writing so much. I love life so very much.

Absolutely nothing outward has changed between yesterday and today. But yesterday, I felt all doom and gloom. Today, I am smiling. And that’s because I want to feel excited about life. I want to be happy. I don’t have to question myself. I can just be me.

My motto:

be excited to live every moment

And, in case you are interested, I redesigned the main page of my website. It looks pretty awesome now.


One thought on “Happiness

  1. We had a lesson in RS today and everyone had to stand up and share something they were good at. Quite a challenge for some but a good exercise.


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