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Broken Things

We bought a new desktop computer to replace my dying, broken laptop. It came with a keyboard, but the delete key would get stuck on occasionally. I tried to go back to the store to return it, but they told me no. It wasn’t covered by warranty. I even suggested they give me a display keyboard and put my broken keyboard on display, but they didn’t like that idea either. So I went home with the broken keyboard.

So we went to the local thrift store to try to get a new keyboard. We found one for $1.00. We bought it. We brought it home. We plugged it in and . . .

Now, instead of having one broken keyboard, we have two!

My phone is broken, as you may know. It split in half. I have yet to get a new phone. I do not want to buy a new phone because they are expensive and I don’t want to renew my contract. And since a phone hasn’t fallen from the sky, yet, I am going without a phone.

On Monday, I went without internet and a phone (except for while I was at work). It was quite enjoyable. No one could contact me! But my internet isn’t broken.

I’ll tell you what’s broken. I went into the office an attorney at my work, and he looked quite helpless. I went on his computer and it was my worst nightmare: horrible, malicious software that disguised itself as an anti-virus program and then proceeding to disable all his valid anti-virus programs, disable his task manager, control panel, and any other way of trying to get the program off the system. Very, very broken.

Broken things are all around us. They can frustrate us too. But, as I was sitting complaining about my broken keyboard and how the store should replace it, I realized that complaining about it wasn’t going to fix anything. Spending an ounce of worry and stress on broken things isn’t worth the time: either fix them, get them fixed, or throw them away. And go on with your life with a smile. No broken thing is going to ruin my day.


6 thoughts on “Broken Things

  1. We have like 3 extra keyboards!! I think you can choose between black and beige. If you are interested, I can test them and make sure they work.


  2. I really hate broken things, cars would top my list. Could be worse don’t know if you heard but your brother Ben has a broken nose. That is really troubling to him because he is afraid he will be ugly now.


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