Cooking for Two

I am not the greatest cook by a long shot. Two days ago, I tried to come up with a meal. And it ended that my thing that kept the meal together was Miracle Whip. Hard boiled eggs = not so good. Hard boiled eggs + Miracle Whip = delicious. Tuna fish = not so good. Tuna fish + Miracle Whip = delicious. Broccoli = not so good. Broccoli + Miracle Whip = better.

But some meals turn out a little bit better. Earlier this week, I decided I wanted to cook. Which doesn’t happen quite as much as it should.

I didn’t know what to cook, but I knew I wanted it to be Mexican, so I went outline and typed in “Mexican Restaurant.” Hopped on to the first website there. Looked at their menu.

Mexican Pizza!

It was a simple recipe: Run to the store to get refried beans. Taco Bell brand is on sale. Come home. Start cooking rice (Rice-A-Roni, actually). Cook chicken. Cook tortilla shells to make slightly crispy. Chop up tomatoes. Grate cheese. Put refried beams on tortilla shell. Cover with cheese. Cover with tomatoes, chicken, some green onions, and more cheese. Stick in microwave for a minute and a half. Eat with rice and sour cream, except for my husband doesn’t like sour cream.

There were plenty of leftovers. Which is the beauty of cooking for two. If you cook for four instead, then you have leftovers and don’t have to make a lunch the next day. Like today, I cooked pancakes. Dillon ate two. I ate two. And then we had twelve pancakes leftover.

In conclusion: Dillon and I are both skinny for a reason.


2 thoughts on “Cooking for Two

  1. either your cooking presentation skills are amazing or your photography skills are amazing, but that dish looks like a professionally stages photo.


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