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Today, I met this older couple who are living in an R.V. and love it. No expensive house bills, and a lot of freedom, from what I could understand. They weren’t tied down to anything. And they were living it up, let me tell you. They were planning to run away from snow and go to Arizona. They were happy and upbeat about everything, it seemed. Even their health problems. It seemed that they were flat out tickled to be alive, and nothing could spoil that. I thought, I should love life like they do. Sometimes we forget that there is joy in just getting to live, not matter how hard (or easy) life is.

I made lasagna yesterday. I have never made lasagna before, and I’m glad to report that it tasted like lasagna. My neighbors provided me with spaghetti sauce, since I had inexplicitly run out, and no matter how many cans spilled out of my cupboard onto my floor, a can of sauce wasn’t going to magically appear. Unless I asked.

I saw my first dead deer on Saturday while volunteering at a deer check station. And I was okay with it. I mean, I didn’t want to touch it or get to close, but at a distance, it was bearable. Though right now, the memory is making my stomach churn.

Don’t you think the Harry Potter preview shows way too much of the movie? I mean, it shows EVERYTHING! It makes me excited to see it, because it looks awesome, but still. There should be a requirement that you cannot show anything from the last third of a movie in the preview.


7 thoughts on “Random

  1. I absolutely agree about the HP previews. I’m still excited about the movie though. After all, we’ve all read the books so its not like the movie really spoils the storyline.

    Also, it’s frightening to see how much influence my brother seems to have over you. I wouldn’t have guessed you would venture near a deer check station! I guess it’s a great sign that you two are still madly in love.


  2. I get to see HP at some unknown date! (I’ve got a budget and kid. Can’t randomly see movies at midnight. Guess I like the kid and budget more though.) I think the HP is a little different, just because everyone who cares knows the plot. You don’t have to watch the previews yet. All I’ve seen is the first trailer. That’s probably all I’ll see, because then I won’t get super excited. (But I’m getting there anyway.) And I’m going to bed.


  3. I agree that the HP previews show too much, but on the other side, many movie perview show you things from the end and you don’t know it’s from the end because you don’t know the plot. But with HP you already know the plot.


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