Family Life

Christmas Thoughts

I’m about halfway done with my Christmas shopping. I have loved Christmas shopping this year, because I get to think about others. I’ve tried really hard to get gifts they’ll enjoy, and while this can be difficult, finally finding something that feels right makes me really happy.

In other news, yesterday I worked really hard on a project and went to bed past eleven o’clock. Which is so completely past my bedtime these days. But it felt good. Whenever I start working on a project, I just want to keep working until it’s done. Even when I should probably go to bed instead.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. I’ll be in Florida, at my sister-in-laws house, on the first real vacation me and my husband have gone on together. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving. I even have a mini-Christmas tree in my house and three little snowman, and a scarecrow, which has nothing to do with Christmas, but I haven’t bothered to put it away yet.

But while giving gifts is fun, I’m mostly excited for Christmas so I can be with family and celebrate the birth of Christ. Material gifts aren’t necessary for a good Christmas, and in some cases, may be detrimental.  There are so many things that are more important than stuff.


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