Family Life


We finished our Christmas shopping today. It was a long and wonderful process. I would detail what I got everyone, but, well, I don’t think that would be very wise, would it?

Some people we got exactly what they asked for. Others we got surprises. Some people may not like what we got them, and that’s okay. We did out best.

This Christmas, I really could care less what I get. I’ll be on vacation, and we just got a new-to-us car, so I already feel absolutely and totally spoiled rotten this month. And it really was a gift to be able to take a few weeks and think of others and try to figure out what they would want, instead of worrying about myself.

Christmas Tree and Presents

Some of my presents are even wrapped and under the Christmas tree. The top one is for my dad, the next one is for my mom, and the bottom one is for my brother. And on top is our very first Christmas tree we have ever had. It is pathetic. Very pathetic. But think about Charlie Brown. It just needs love.


3 thoughts on “Finished

  1. The tree will actually fluff a little more than that and it looks a little better. Not so pathetic considering its at least 10 and probably more like 12 years old.


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