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So on Monday, I felt my baby move for the first time. Talk about exciting. This was the thing I was looking forward to the very most–to actually be able to feel the person that is growing inside me made being pregnant so much better.

I will be twenty weeks pregnant tomorrow. Twenty! Already! That means, in my husband’s words, half-cooked. He thinks I’m some sort of oven.

I have to say, I have been incredibly blessed so far with a really easy pregnancy. I didn’t get sick until around 11 weeks, and then there was really only about two weeks of sickness before Unisom helped me out. Now, I feel great. Not that I’m going to run a marathon or anything. In fact, getting up and walking a mile actually sounds pretty daunting. Yeah, I don’t exercise anymore. I did fifteen minutes of yoga and it made me sore. Someday, I will get in shape again. After baby comes.

For Dillon’s birthday, we were watching hunting videos (my mom calls them whisper videos because all the hunters whisper the whole time. I can them unbelievable videos because every hunter says unbelievable after they shoot something), and he put his hand on my tummy, and baby kicked just right. He asked, “Was that it?” And I said yes. So he got to feel baby for his birthday, which was a pretty good present.

And now, I’m going to waddle off and take a photo of myself.


Yeah . . . not too impressive yet.


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