Mormon Mommy Blog

I just realized that I am nearing the stage of being an official Mormon mommy blog. I don’t feel old enough! But somehow I am. There is a baby girl in my tummy, and in May, I will be her mommy.

I have a niece who is 11 years old and does not want to grow up. At all. But I don’t mind growing up. There are so many awesome things about being an adult, like having your baby kick you, and being married to the most awesome man ever, and having your own house/apartment/space, and instead of dreaming about what you want to be when you grow, actually doing it. I love it. The remarkable thing about growing up is that you still get all the good things about being a kid–you can still play. You can still learn voraciously. You can still change and grow and get better. But you get a whole lot more, too.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Mommy Blog

  1. You don’t feel old enough…my kid is now a toddler. Mommyhood is sometimes the best of everything. You have all the time you want to play, but also have the know-how and freedom to do everything else. Except you are also responsible for far too much.


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