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I’ve been out of school for a while now, and thirsting after knowledge lately.

I recently finished The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, by Edmund Morris. This book holds a record: it took me five years to finish it. That’s ahead of Anna Karenina (two years) and Count of Monte Cristo (one year). And it isn’t because it was a bad book–in fact, I absolutely loved it. I just liked reading it a little bit at a time.

I love Theodore Roosevelt. He was an amazing man and did an insane amount of stuff in his lifetime: as a writer, naturalist, politician, explorer, and more. I do not have the energy to be like Theodore Roosevelt, but I sure love learning about him.

In other news, I discovered free online courses with Brigham Young University. I figured I’d just go through and do the whole page of them. Because they are free. And because I love learning. I started off with a “Building a Functional Family,” since my family is growing and I thought I should learn how to make it functional before my baby gets here.

Some other learning goals consist of learning chemistry (from my husband’s textbook). I have never taken a chemistry course and feel that it is a large in hole in my knowledge that I want to fill up. I also want to learn Spanish better. And I did check out the Chicago Manual of Style from the library and wished I owned it. Hey, I was an English major.

How are you learning?


4 thoughts on “Learning

  1. I looked at the BYU courses online. Our Stake challenged all the Young Women leaders to do Personal Progress again. So I’m going to do a class or two to count towards my 10 hour project in Knowledge. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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