Family Life


First: I love it in when my baby makes my tummy go all hard and weird shaped. And I love it when she kicks really hard. And I don’t so love it when she sits on my bladder.

Second: Yesterday at work, my foot went dead asleep, and I attempted to stand and walk to the copier and proceeded to instead trip over myself. Though I had a dance at my church later that night, and was able to excuse myself from the whole dancing part of it because I was still a bit sore.

Third: I designed TWO websites this week. That is a lot. If you ever need web design services, let me know. I love doing it. Headers, backgrounds, advice, whatever.

Fourth: Today we had a date. We shot our bows (I am totally grouping my arrows now, and loving it. Being pregnant has helped my archery skills). We went to the temple. We went looking for deer and elk, and even found some. We went out to eat (a rare occurrence).  We went window shopping (pets, books, clothes, and Home Depot). We looked at houses online for under $100,000.00 (all dumpy and small, but some livable). End of date. But it was a perfect Heather-Dillon date.

Fifth: Strangers now notice I am pregnant. This is why:

Please compare with a month ago. And yes, I am wearing the same outfit. I did that on purpose. And no, I am not just slouching and sticking out my stomach. There is a baby in there.


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