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Dance Parties and Ice Cream

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Yesterday, my baby had a dance party in my stomach while I was at work. The joys of being pregnant.

Today, it snowed long and hard. There were two good things that came out of it. First, I noticed one of my co-workers scrape the snow of her car and then proceed to scrape the snow of another person’s car, anonymously and just to be kind.

Second, I wanted ice cream. Specifically, to go to Arctic Circle and get a raspberry cheesecake fudge brownie sundae. It was snowing. Dillon didn’t want to go. But, because I really did, he drove me through the snowy streets to Arctic Circle. Where I ordered a raspberry cheesecake fudge browning sundae. He got a double burger.

I feel totally content right now. There are good things in this world.


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