Sunday Thoughts

At work one day, I went to sign as a witness for some estate planning documents. I do this a lot, and it’s actually one of my favorite part of my jobs.

There was woman sitting in the lobby. She was very overweight, and on first glance, I would have put her as eccentric and strange and maybe not very nice. Perhaps a crazy cat lady. In other words, the first judgment I made was not at all favorable.

She ended up in the same room with me. And it turns out, she was extremely charismatic and outgoing. She was hilarious. She was a joy to listen to. She had even been a mayor.

My first judgment was 100% wrong.

I know another person. Her hair is somewhat extreme, dyed yellow-blonde and blue-green. But she has a heart of gold. She spoke at my church today and I could tell she is wise and firmly planted in good things.

How easy it is to judge people on appearances. And how very wrong we can be.


One thought on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. Very true. There was a lady in Memphis who I had totally judged based on her appearance and when I had my twins she started sitting with me during sacrament meeting. At first it sort of irritated me, and then one day she wasn’t there and I realized how much I benefited from her help with my kids. I cried the day she moved away.


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